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Village over the valley of the river Zala, famous for its round church from Árpád's age, popular excursion target. The population is under 100 inhabitants. Kallós used to be a royal estate belonging to the castle of Zala. The king gave it to the sons of Orosz from Komár only after 1203. His grandson, Karacs's son, Miklós built the parish church dedicated to Saint Michael in the second half of the 13th century. Occasionally, masses and concerts are held in the church on the hilltop. The village is close to the thermal baths of Zalaszentgrót and Kehidakustány and the fishing pond in Zalacsány (about 10 kms). Outstanding events: Village Day in August, patronal festivals on Ann's day and Anthony's day. Concerts are held in the church every summer, in July and August.

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