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Large village in the valley of the river Zala; with its diversified historic past, varied scenery, 43 °C thermal water has been a popular destination among the people who want to relax and cure themselves for many years. Its pleasure bath opened recently is deservedly called the bath of families. The village is close to Lake Balaton, Lake Hévíz, the Croatian, the Slovenian and the Austrian borders, which makes the medicinal and pleasure bath of 4 ha attractive with the peace of the valley and the pleasant climate. Kehidakustány awaits visitors with its new hotels, pansions, camping-sites all year round. The name of the village was first mentioned in the Golden Bull of Hungary in 1222. The village has a significant past. Ferenc Deák, the minister for justice of the first independent Hungarian government and the leader of the passive opposition, Ferenc Deák, lived here from 1824. The Deák mansion has been renovated, and this memorial place awaits visitors with exhibitions from the spring of 2004. The ancient church of the village built in the 13th century can be found in the cemetery of Kehida, later it became the burial place of the Deák family, today it is a chapel. The wooden bell-tower preserving the traditions of the folk architecture of Zala decorates the main street of Kustány, the bell is still rung by hand. In the past the incomes of the settlement came mainly from agricultural activites. The thermal water, which was found at the beginning of the 1980s, has radically changed the life of the village. The thermal bath has become more and more popular among the Hungarian and foreign guests. There can be found one indoor and five outdoor pools in the Kehida Thermal Medicinal and Pleasure Bath The Pleasure Bath with 1500 m2 water surface was opened in the summer of 2002. Besides bathing the surroundings of the village are ideal for riding, cycling and hiking. Several built fishing-places await the lovers of fishing. The nearby forests are rich in game. An outstanding event of the village is the 'Cavalcade of Kehida' held at Easter and the Horsing Thermal Cup at the end of August.

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