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Kéked is one of the smallest but most beautiful villages of the Zempléni hills. Its history dates back to the age of Árpáds. It is a village of 243 inhabitants at the Slovakian-Hungarian border, 12 km north-east of Gönc. It is easily accessible from Szerencs or Mád on road in romantic landscape. The Zempléni hills offer pleasant excursion spots. Kéked has the largest capacity of accommodation in the neighbourhood, it is the starting point of star tours. Kassa, Slovakia is 40 km from here on road, but after the border station is built, this distance will be only 20 km. In the centre of the village with friendly atmosphere you can find the late-Renaissance, former Melczer fortified castle, which houses the Castle Hotel today. An important tourist attraction is the bath of the village. Several guest houses await visitors offering quiet, peaceful relaxation, recreation.

Önkormányzat, Kéked
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