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It is situated about 5 km from Keszthely, along main road No. 71. The shortest road connecting Aquincum and the mother country, Italy, ran through the present-day Székesfehérvár, Veszprém, Tapolca to Veszprém, where, at Fenékpuszta it crossed Lake Balaton, which was bigger at that time. To provide protection for the important road, veterans, ex-servicemen were settled here in the territory of Keszthely. The increase of the population was probably related with the building of the Roman fortress, which was the largest building of the territory. There used to be a settlement on its site. The inhhabitants of the fortress of Fenékpuszta did not escape, their life was undisturbed until the middle of the 5th century, though the region belonged to the Hunnish empire from 433. After Attila’s death (456) the German tribes occupied the region. The buildings of the fortress are still under the ground, only three of its remains can be seen: the southern gate, the one-time basilica and a store-house. The buildings of the Festetics manor were erected around 1820 in neoclassical style. The stud-farm of the Festetics family became very famous. Poet Sándor Petőfi’s wife, Júlia Szendrey was born in Újmajor in 1828. Her father was the steward of the Festetics estates. A memorial plaque was placed on her house of birth in 1909.

Polgármesteri Hivatal, Keszthely
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Keszthely (Fenékpuszta)

Hungary - Keszthely (Fenékpuszta)

Ungarn - Keszthely (Fenékpuszta)

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