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Kisrozvágy is situated in Bodrogköz, in wonderful natural surroundings. It has nearly 250 inhabitants. Its most important attraction is the archeological park called Berzseny village from the age of Árpáds. In the restored Hungarian village you can see furnished yurtas and houses with a smoke-house, a pottery workshop, a place for tying up horses and a drying room. Near the village in pens you can see indigenous animals such as buffalos, racka sheep, mangalica pigs, sheep dogs. In the garden of bio-history indigenous grapes, fruit, cereals are grown. You can enjoy the nice view of Bodrogköz from the top of the 'look-out-tree', which is the highest point of the village. Visitors can take part in handicrafts workshops and those who are brave enough can shoot with a bow or ride a horse. In the open-air museum summer camps are organized and special history lessons are held. Open: 1 May- 1 October: 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Closed on Mondays.

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