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The village is located at the southern foot of Szárhegy, along the old road to Balaton, on the northern part of West-Mezőföld. It was first mentioned in documents in 1864 by the name of Szárhegy-Szőlőhegy. It became an independent settlement in 1931 when it was separated from the nearby Szabadbattyán. Kőszárhegy has been inhabited since Árpád's conquest of Hungary. Owing to this its surroundings are rich in archeological finds. The village is famous for the Seuso-treasures found in its territory. Two jugs of the collection can be seen in the coat of arms of the village. Today the development of the village is determined by the closeness of Székesfehérvár and Lake Balaton. The only motocross track of Fejér county, which is suitable for international races, can be found in Kőszárhegy. The track stands on the sixth place in the qualification of the 36 motocross tracks of the country. Its 'transparency' is the best in the country: 80%. Two-day races are held twice a year in April and September, (upon request also in summer). To enter for the race is possible on the spot. Thousands of visitors participate at the races, the racers arrive from almost all Europe. The Motocross Association of Kőszárhegy is the third largest association in the country, where children can ride the motorcycle, too. The village has a precious collection of church history from 1880 up to the present, which records the life of the parish. An important sight is the Heroes' Monument by Jenő Bory. The works of the potter can be purchased on the spot.

Polgármesteri Hivatal, Kőszárhegy
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