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The village celebrated the 675th anniversary of its foundation in the year of the millenium. Research revealed that the village was founded by the Koppány clan as a military defence spot along the military road running under Péntekhelypuszta. Its settlement structure created in the Middle Ages is preserved by the narrow, little winding streets. Several of the houses reflect the traditions of folk architecture, so you can see in Látrány even today what a typical village looked like in South Balaton at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. The village is surrounded by a nature conservation area presenting the one-time atmosphere of the meadows of Balaton with sandy hills. Viniculture is an old tradition in the hills of Látrány. It is near Lake Balaton, which provides the opportunity of joining the programmes of Balatonlelle. Its restaurants, pensions are popular with the lovers of village tourism. Lake Füzes is not only a fishing paradise, it is getting more and more popular as an excursion spot. Its churches and their surroundings are architectural attractions. Programmes: May festival in the neighbourhood of Lake Füzes, Feast on St. Michael's Day.

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