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Mogyoróska has a rich historical past. The village was mentioned as early as 1222 in the Golden Bull. In the Castle of Regéc emerging above the village Ferenc Rákóczi II spent his childhood by developing the important skills of his period: the young prince studied Latin, learnt to fight and ride a horse. The village has an extremely rich natural environment, too. The neighbourhood of the settlement is very rich in springs with clean water, as many as 11 springs are known. One of them is the Bonyi well, which is surrounded by the pasture of Három hill decorated with wild pear and apple trees. The inhabitants of Mogyoróska have always depended on the natural resources of the neighbourhood. According to church records the present-day church was built between 1816 and 1862, i.e. for 46 years. The present-day altar is half-coffin shaped, above which a folk baldachin was built in 1955 decorated with flower patterns and evangelical symbols. The iconostas, the work of art by László Puskás was painted in 1988-89. At the entrance the 1,5x0,4x0,4 m natural stone threshold evokes the historical past of the village for both the locals and the visitors. According to the legends it was transported here from the Rákóczi castle by a four-oxen cart. A street was named after Rákóczi in the village and in the garden of statues along the road leading to the village you can find a bust of Rákóczi commemorating the fact that the ”young Ferenc” was brought up here.

Polgármesteri Hivatal, Mogyoróska
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