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A 750 year-old village in the region of Hegyalja. It is accessible from Szerencs. It has nearly 2,000 inhabitants. Monok was named after the Monoky/Monaky family, who were the owners of the settlement from the 14th century. The village became well-known as Sándor Kossuth's birth place. In his house of birth at 18 Kossuth street you can find the Kossuth Memorial Museum (as a unit of the Hungarian National Museum). The building was owned by count István Andrássy at the beginning of the 19th century. It was built to be used as a manorial steward's house in the style of the period of Louis XIV in 1780-82. At the end of the 17th century the castle of Monok became the property of the Thököly and the Andrássy families. The oldest monument of the village is the fortified castle of the Monaky family - which is a castle hotel today. The 14th century Gothic castle was completed with Renaissance and later with neoclassical elements. Another important monument of the village is the Andrássy mansion on the hillside built by count György Andrássy in 1750, which houses an elementary school today. It is a universal baroque building with 19th century neoclassical rebuilding. The fresco in its banquet hall upstairs represents the four quarters of the globe and Hungarian figures smoking pipes and playing music. Its chapel downstairs was built by István Andrássy in 1770-71. Dénes Andrássy, the great patron of public education donated the mansion to the Child Welfare League in 1908, which has used it as a school since 1914. In the mansion garden you can see a full-size bronze statue of Lajos Kossuth by Zsigmond Kisfaludy Stróbl. The work of art was made with the help of contributions of 171 settlements. The Calvinist church was built in 1799, in its tower there is a Kossuth memorial bell. The Roman Catholic church was built on the site of the old one in 1814 with a flat roofed front tower. Monok is a famous place of pilgrimage. The feast of the Glorification of the Holy Cross attracts many of the Catholic inhabitants living in th region.

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