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Village with 1,833 inhabitants on the western part of Fejér county, 18 kms from Székesfehérvár. It is bordered by Csór in the north, Sárkeszi in the the east, Jenő in the south and Ősi in the west. It is a 'string-type' settlement with more streets on a varied surface. There is a beautiful view of the Sárrét and the Bakony range from the higher parts of the village. Turf mines can be found on the northern part of the village on the lowland of Sárrét, which is crossed by the Sárvíz-Malom (Mill) canal and the Talián ditch. The abandoned mine holes are popular fishing places among the residents and people from the neighbourhood. The southern part of the area is hilly, grapes and fruits are grown in the garden called Sörhegy, where one can relax at the weekends. The Nádasdy castle, the ancient home of the Nádasdy family can be found in the centre of Nádasdladány. The building is being renovated at the moment. The work is carried out by the State Office of Listed Monuments. Apart from this there is busy life in the building due to the Nádasdy Academy. There are symposiums, evening programmes organized by the grandson of Count Ferenc Nádasdy, whom the school was named after. The castle itself is also worth visiting. Nándor Hübner, architect from Székesfehérvár, started to build the new castle commissioned by Count Ferenc Nádasdy upon the plans of István Linchbauer, architect from Budapest. Its present form is due to small reconstructions and time. The park of the castle was built at the beginning of the last century upon János Kálmán's plans.

Polgármesteri Hivatal, Nádasdladány
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