Nemti is a beautifully located village in the hills. It is situated in the eastern-western range of the Mátra, on the eastern edge of county Nógrád, in the valley of the river Zagyva, 110 km from Budapest and 22 km from Salgótarján. The road crossing the village played an important role in the forming of the settlement, it was probably used by Slavic tribes. The village probably served as a church-centered place in the period of King St. Stephen. It was donated to the Derencsényi family by King Sigismund in 1413, later it was owned by Zsigmond Karthaly, and by the Grassalkovich and the Károlyi families. The sights of the village include the Roman Catholic church built in 1920, the house of regional traditions with furnishings from the beginning of the 20th century (registration at the Mayor’s Office), and the recently established mining memorial place. Accommodation and board are offered by two pensions and hosts in the village.

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