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Polgárdi is located in the middle part of Mezőföld. Going to Lake Balaton from Budapest it is the second largest settlement after Székesfehérvár. It has more than 6,000 inhabitants. It was first mentioned in documents in 1277. There was a main road on the northern side of the town in the Roman age. Finds from the Bronze, Celtic and Roman age were excavated on the confines. One of the most important finds is a small sacrificial table from the Roman period. At present it can be found in the National Museum. The Seuso treasures, which made the village well-known in the world, were also found on the confines of Polgárdi. 25 important personalities were executed in the town after Rákóczi's war of independence. Polgárdi had been the property of the Batthyány family since King Sigismund's period. The family had had an important role in the life of the town up to the middle of the 1900s. The motifs of the Batthyánys' coat-of-the-arms can be found in the coat-of-the-arms of the town. Almost 300 men from the town fought in the war of independence in 1848-49. Because of the storms of history only the family's hunting castle remained, today it is an old people's home. The Roman Catholic church and the cemetery chapel are the resting-places of several members of Batthyány and Andrássy families. The most famous member was count Gyula Andrássy, foreign minister. The oldest mammoth tree of the country can be found in the park of the castle, it stands but it has already died. Sight of the town: the local collection of Polgárdi, the Polgárdi Gallery and László Szabó's private collection, where Gyula Batthyány's paintings and family relics can be seen. The town is proud of its cattle population, which is the Hungarian gene bank of the Holstein-Frisian species. National live-stock market and fair is held on the second Saturday of March, May, June and September. The Association Day together with the Wine Day is organized on 1st May. The International Meeting of Motorcyclists, organized by the two local clubs of motorcyclists, is in July. The most outstanding event of the year is the Polgárdi Days in August. As an important event in the cultural life of the town, the renewed Ignác Aradi Community Cultural Centre was opened on 15 August 2004 meeting the demands of the modern age. The town has a lot of international connections: Grafrath in Bavaria, Vágfarkasd in Slovakia, Mezőpetri in Romania, Weerselo in the Netherlands, I. Ioni in Greece.

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