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Town of county rank with 48,255 inhabitants. Seat of County Nógrád. In 1968 the town was awarded a Hild medal for the great architectural design of its modern city centre.

Salgótarján lies in a wonderful environment in the mountains.
Mine Museum is a specialty in Europe, 20-30,000 tourists visit it each year. Castle of Salgó of the 13th century was built on a rocky mountaintop northward from the city. Nature conservation area consisting of Rock Szilváskő and an abyss. Lake Beach and Sports Centre for tourists in summer, ski-track in the vicinity (with a ski-lift) for the lovers of winter sports.

Programmes of the city: Salgótarján Spring Fiesta (in April), Salgó Rally (in April), International Dixieland Festival (at the beginning of May), International Jumping Gala (in September).

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