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Village with 1,800 inhabitants 6 km from Lake Balaton, 10 km from Hévíz, 24 km from Zalakaros. Its favourable location is determined by the spa baths nearby and Kis-Balaton being situated a few kilometres from here. The airfield of the village attracts many visitors here. The airport of entry with category C is not used for public traffic, but it has been receiving charter flights since 1993, with temporary opening of the border. The airport is suitable for practising parachuting, sail-planing, hot-air balloning and hang-gliding. A place of interest in Sármellék is the church of St. John the Baptist. An outstanding event in the village is the Szőlőhegy Days held at the last weekend of May, preceeded by the regional wine competition of St. George Day. Popular programmes are the feast held on the last Sunday of June and the Vintage Procession on the last Sunday of September. The lovers of football can compete on the second day of Christmas,at the Christmas Cup. As many as 25 families offer accommodation in the village as part of rural tourism.

Polgármesteri Hivatal, Sármellék
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