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A village with 4,200 inhabitants on road No. 27. It is an important traffic, administrative and touristic centre. Sights: the Calvinist belfry which was formed from the one-time watch-tower of Felsővár (Upper Castle) (still under excavation) - it has been a lookout tower since 2001 -, Kékfestőház (kékfestő - textile dyed blue with a special method), the Roman Catholic church, which was built in the 17th century in early Baroque style. The Csáky mansion, which was built in 1694 by István Csáky, Lord Chief Justice, at present houses the cultural centre, where a library and an exhibition on school history can be found. The open air bath in the centre of the town is supplied by a natural spring, it has 22-24° C water. In the area of the open air bath a camping site, a 2x2-bedded house and a building consisting of 4 apartments await the tourists with all amenities. The town can be an excellent starting point of the tours in the surroundings. Main destinations can be Aggtelek, Jósvafő, Lake Rakaca, Martonyi, Rudabánya, Edelény.

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