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It is a small town in county Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén. It is situated in the southern gate of the valley of the river Hernád, at the border of two natural micro-landscape regions. The sights of the town include the Gothic Calvinist church, which is 40 m long and was built in the 14th-15th centuries. Due to its Angster organ built in 1888 and to its excellent acoustics, high standard concerts are held here. The Calvinist and the Roman Catholic churches are connected by the main square of Szikszó built in 2006, which is a favourite place of the locals in spring and summer. In 2001 a modern swimming pool was built based on the 41°C thermal water of the town. It is popular with both the locals and visitors. Next to the swimming pool the sports hall offers sports facilities for all generations. The House of Magyarhegyi Wines provides a professional centre for the reviving wine making in Szikszó. The rooms of the two-storey building are suitable for organizing programmes and wine tours. The Garbóczi Pension offers accommodation for 17 persons in the town. Apart from these the town offers several catering facilities. For further information visit the homepage of Szikszó:

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