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The village is located in the southern part of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county. Its territory is administratively 2,269 hectares. It is bordered in the north by Noszvaj, in the east by Bogács, in the south by Mezőkövesd, in the west by Noszvaj, and in the north-west by the town of Eger, the seat of county Heves. It is connected by a public road to the picturesque Noszvaj and to Mezőkövesd, the "capital of Matyó land". You can get to Eger through Noszvaj from here quickly in beautiful environment. The village has 1,747 permanent inhabitants. The settlement was formed in the period of the Hungarian conquest. The boundary of the village is hilly, the material of the rock is mainly tuff. It made possible that the poorest people could live in the cave-dwellings carved in the tuff. It is an agricultural settlement. Its honey-sweet black cherry with short stem is known all over the world. The feast of the cherry is held at the first weekend of July. Grapes are also grown here. Some of the growers deal with mellowing wine, too. Szomolya is part of the Eger wine region. Visitors can taste the wines of Szomolya at the vintage festival held at the first weekend of September. Accommodation is offered to visitors in the village.

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