Village with 3,362 inhabitants on the eastern edge of Zemplén county, between Szerencs and Tokaj, at the western foot of the 516 m high Nagy Hill at Tokaj at the southernmost foothills of the Eperjes-Tokaj mountain range. The estate was presented to Captain Turzul by Árpád at the time of the Conquest. The act stating that "witches do not exist" was declared here by Kálmán the Booklover. The architectural sights of the village are mostly connected to the Rákóczi family. Sights of Tarcal: The Roman Catholic church is from 1615. Its foundations, crypt and the bottom part of the tower are of medieval origin. The Calvinist church, where a memorial tablet commemorates the Reformed Confession, which was created here by the Tarcal Council in 1564, and the oval planned Terézia chapel were built between 1770 and 1790. The renovated synagogue was built in the second half of the 17th century. The mansions called King court, Rákóczi tavern and Sebeö mansion got their present form at the end of the 1700s. Tarcal is probably the best vine-growing place of the world famous Tokaj-hegyalja wine-district. All the traditional vine species grown here (furmint, linden-leaf, yellow muscat) dry well on the vine, so they are suitable for making excellent vintage wines, special quality Szamorodni wines, and 3-to-6 butt Tokaji aszú wines. These wines are seasoned in oakwood casks put in cellars covered with choice mould where visitors are also welcome.

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