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The village is situated at the southern foothills of the Bükk, near the county border of Heves, 4 km north of the main road No. 3. The name of the village is probably a version of the word tar with a diminutive suffix. It was first mentioned in the Regestrum of Várad in 1220, but it had been inhabited earlier. It is one of the typical Matyó settlements (Mezőkövesd, Szentistván, Tard). Its embroidery, its preserved and new traditions are famous. The relics of the peasants’ life are preserved in the furnished houses of regional traditions with thatched roofs in the neighbourhood of which you can find a centre of traditional programmes. Apart from the outstanding geological and historical values (Kaptár (beehive) stones, Tatár hill ), the village has an outstanding natural culture in the border territory of the Bükk National Park. The marked tourist trails and the wonderful natural formations (Kaptár stones) you can see by walking along them and the wonderful panorama offer excellent relaxation and recreation opportunities for the lovers of nature. Near the village there are two thermal baths. Accommodation is offered in rebuilt old cottages, which provide a peaceful, quiet starting point to visit the natural beauties and the programmes of the village and its neighbourhood.

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