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Village with 450 inhabitants 20 km from Balassagyarmat, in the Cserhát Mountains. The Roman Catholic church is a national monument building. The characteristics of old folk architecture are still retained by the 85 locally protected Palots cottages with smoke holes - 13 in a line - in the "Szőlősor" (Wine Row). Here you can find the belfry, the Museum of Tape Recorders, the Gallery, a lace-making workshop and a park of statues with a statue of Albert Szent-Györgyi. The regional house can be seen opposite the Lutheran church. Nobel Prize laureate Albert Szent-Györgyi lived his childhood years at Kiskérpuszta, administratively part of Terény. At the side of the granary which remained from the manor you can find a memorial place. Here and in the Albert Szent-Györgyi Park of Terény visitors can lay wreaths. The Terény Day of Nationalities is organized on the last Sunday of June every year with the participation of Slovakian, German and Hungarian groups. In the middle of July the Theatre days of Terény are organized, and at the beginning of October a Vintage procession is held.

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