The main attractions of the county are the thermal baths of Sárvár and Bükfürdő, as well as the clean air showing the influence of the Alps nearby and the historical monuments. The hospitality of the region is reflected by the fact that the Hotel Arany Strucc (gold ostrich) in Kőszeg has been awaiting visitors since the 17th century.

The Ság hill near Celldömölk used to be a volcano 5 million years ago. Scientist Lóránd Eötvös tried his torsion pendulum on the hill, which made him well-known in the world of science. The stones of the monadnock are presented by a study path to visitors. Near Zsennye, at the dead channel of the river Rába you can find the oldest tree of Hungary, a one thousand year-old oak tree, the trunk of which is thicker than 10m.

Szombathely was built on the foundations of the Roman town called Savaria. The size and the construction of the public buildings (emperor's palace, Mercurius shrine, public bath, customhouse) prove that Savaria used to be a significant centre. The archaeologists found the almost intact Isis shrine and the largest mosaic surface of Pannónia here. The Roman festival called Savaria Festival presenting traditions is held every year in August.

The oldest town hall of Hungary can be found in Kőszeg. In Ják you can visit the most famous church of the Hungarian Romanesque architecture, the Benedictine abbey dedicated at the beginning of the 13th century. The column heads of the entrance with orders of arches are decorated with geometrical and plant motifs. Above the gate you can see the statues of Christ and the ten apostles (the statues of two apostles of the twelve were placed on the facade of the towers). In the church you can find valuable Romanesque frescoes and Gothic statues.

The Nádasdy castle of Sárvár was often visited by Sebestyén Tinódi Lantos, the singer of historical songs. According to the legend, he was also buried here. The History Days are held every second year to commemorate Tinódi.

In the Jurisics castle of Kőszeg named after the heroic captain defending the fortress, you can find the Castle Museum. It was built in Gothic style and was later rebuilt in Renaissance and baroque styles.

In the Gothard mansion of Szombathely an observatory was established at the end of the 19th century, which still awaits the lovers of the stars. In the former Batthány mansion of Körmend you can find the only Collection of Shoe History in Hungary.

In Szombathely, in the open-air exhibition of the Museum village of Vas including eleven houses, a watermill with undershot wheels, a belfry and a blacksmith's workshop you can see the relics of folk architecture in the county. The folk culture of the region is also presented to visitors at the folk programmes.

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