The small town of Bük is located in the north-west of the beautiful Vas county, where the foot of the Alps and the Small Plain meet. The climate of the place is very pleasant through the whole year which ensures a nice place to relax and recreate any time.
Bük is about 9 miles from the austrian border, 15,5 miles from the cities of Kőszeg and Szombathely and about 28 miles away from Sopron. The town has an excellent touristical infrastructure and in the same time shows the face of a peaceful and traditional village. All visitors are welcomed all year around!
Today Bük is most popular for its medicinal bath. By a stroke of luck in 1957 medicinal water was found instead of oil on the confines of the village. The bath has operated since 1962 and in 2010 it has greeted its 30 millionth visitor. Nowadays the Spa of Bük is the second largest spa in Hungary, in number of visitors and size of the area.
The spa is lying in a beautiful green surrounding on 15 ha, which offers recreation for visitors within 27 pools (some of them especially only for children) with a 5.600 m2 water surface. Its thermal spring gives excellent 58 °C alkali-hydrogen carbonate medicinal water, with high fluoride, iodine and iron content. It can be used in balneotherapy for curing rheumatic and orthopedic diseases and it can be inhaled to treat respiratory catarrhs. Some of the pools are covered to ensure the recreation in the wintertime. The slides of the Spa offer great moments to all members of the family! There are many different programs and shows inside the Spa as well, for example Beach-Parties where the younger generation are invited. From 2011 some new parts will be completed like a brand new sauna-world, including tepidarium, steam baths, infra and finnish saunas, snow-cabin, aromasauna, open-air finnish sauna and a relaxation area. The existing wellness centre will get a new home, the spa will be enlarged, there will be a new restaurant and a children playing area.
In Bük you can choose from a variety of programs throughout the year, like the Bükfürdő Rallye in June, the Days of the of Healing Wine in July, the Celebration of Lángos in September, market of hand made and hungarian gastronomic products and different concerts. Maybe the most important from all – called „Summer in Bük” – is yearly organised since 1993.
In Bükfürdő you can find the Birdland Golf & Country Club, which is the first 18-hole golf course of Hungary, established in 1991. It is an excellent experience in a beautiful surrounding for the golf lovers! The course got its name from the many different kinds of birds living there.
The Tourism Association of Bükfürdő offers a wide range of activities for the visitors. There includes a newly dedicated playground for adults, animation programs for young and old, nordic walking, tai chi, etc. You can also ride on bycicles which can be borrowed from the offices of the Tourism Association. A bycicle road is available from Bükfürdő to the austrian border.


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