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Village with 2,182 inhabitants 12 km south of Szombathely, in the widened valley of the brook Sorok. As this region has been inhabited since the ancient times, it preserves innumerable historical traditions. In the Hungarian conquest the tribe of the Hungarians found a place to settle down here. The commander of the Royal Guards arriving in Hungary accompanied by St. Stephen’s wife, Queen Gizella established the Ják clan here. The settlement was named after this clan and it was fisrt mentioned in records in 1221. As the Benedictine abbey of Ják was founded at that time, the monastery probably used to be the centre of the settlement, around which the village was built. In the centre of Ják, on a plateau, you can find the Benedictine abbey church built in Romanesque style (1256), a monument of renown in Europe, representing the Hungarian architecture in the age of the Árpáds. Saint James chapel is facing the church of advowson, built next to the monastery founded in 1214. Visitors from all over the world come here to admire the wonderful monument church of the village. Apart from private accommodation, a tourist house awaits visitors, tourists staying here.

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