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A town of 5,000 inhabitants, a historical centre of the region. It was flourishing in the Middle Ages as a royal town and a county town. To commemorate its historical past a music well called the Well of Kings was set up in the central square of the town. The best known historical event is the peace treaty of Vasvár after the battle of Szentgotthárd in 1664. The Peace House commemorates this event. The 13th century Dominican monastery of Vasvár, which is now a museum, is an important religious monument. A nice religious relic of modern times is the place of pilgrimage in Szentkút lying in picturesque environment. The so-called fortification of Vasvár is a relic from the early stages of Hungarian history, a restored part of which is open to the public. The Days of Hegyhát is an important cultural programme of the town held between 10th and 20th August.

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