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Vilyvitány was formed by uniting the Hungarian Vily and the Slovakian, Ukrainian Vitány with a Hungarian population in 1940. Both settlements were first mentioned in records in the 13th century. Today the tiny village has 310 inhabitants, but recognizing the advantages of the peaceful, healthy environment, more and more holiday homes are built in the village. Rural tourism, horse riding tourism play an important role here, and a camping site is being built, too. The local council aims to develop tourism, e.g. on 8 August 2002 the Calvary hill was opened. The listed monuments of the village include the Calvinist church built in 1771, the cemetery of Vily, that of Vitány and the Israelitan one. The study trail called Ősrög (ancient soil) is the oldest study trail of minerals in Europe. The most important event of the village is the Motorcyclists’ Festival of Vilyvitány, which has been held at the first weekend of July every year since 1999.

Polgármesteri Hivatal, Vilyvitány
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