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The village had a significant role in Zala county because it was situated on the 'big royal military road'. Today it has 3,170 inhabitants. The remains of Kolon can be found to the north of the present village. It was a centre of the castle's governor. Stephen I built a manorhouse by the important road, it was called Alba Curia i.e. White Court. A chapel belonged to the manor. In 1241 the Tatars desolated the village. Béla IV rebuilt the royal manor, he gave a letter of patent to the foreign settlers in 1263. The king mentioned that he built a house in Komár. In 1356 a monastery of Augustine order was built in honour of Saint Elizabeth, which is called "Ispita" by the residents even today. The Marczali family built a castle from the one-time royal manor in 1444. In 1449 it was mentioned as a market town. Main attraction of the village is the ornamented baroque Roman Catholic church, which is a listed monument. Some of the frescos were made by Dorfmeister in 1781 and 1793. The Eclectic Somssich mansion surrounded by a large park can be found in Ormándpuszta. The buffalo reserve in Kápolnapuszta is very popular. Sights: the statue of the Holy Trinity, Queen Elizabeth's plaque and the memorial of World War I and II. Outstanding events: the Festival of the Mediaeval Market Towns of Transdanubia in August every year. The programme had more than 5,000 visitors last year. The village is proud of its 800 m2 modern sports hall.

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