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Rabten Tashi-Ling (Tibeti Kulturális Központ)

Address: 8648 Balatonkeresztúr, Szőlőhegy -  map
Phone: +36 (20) 236-6063, +36 (85) 702-022 Fax: +36 (85) 702-032


Opening hours during the season: IV.01.-X.31.: 09-17h

Other information:

Located only 2 km from lake Balaton, at Balatonkeresztúr, is the Tibetan Cultural Center Rabten Tashi Ling. A meditation and retreat center of the Gelugpa tradition. The center was founded in the year 2000 to cultivate the connection between Hungary and the tibetan Buddhism, under special consideration of the merits of Kőrösi Csoma Sandor.
Rabten Tashi Ling invites all practioners and interested people to stay. The facitlity presents 9 traditional houses settled in a big garden. One of the houses is in use as a temple. From here you have a magnificent view over lake Balaton.
The center is open from 1. Apr. - 31. Okt. and very suitable for families. The traditional houses (2-9 Pers.) are differently equipped, and for larger groups there is a seperate kitchenhouse.
The price rank at 22 Euro per day and house plus 2 Euro per person/day.

Rabten Tashi-Ling (Tibeti Kulturális Központ) - Balatonkeresztúr (Látnivaló: Művelődési ház)

Rabten Tashi-Ling (Tibeti Kulturális Központ) - Hungary - Balatonkeresztúr (Sight: Cultural Centre)

Rabten Tashi-Ling (Tibeti Kulturális Központ) - Ungarn - Balatonkeresztúr (Sehenswürdigkeit: Kulturhaus)

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