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Főnix Ház (Jurisics Vár elővára)

Address: 9730 Kőszeg, Rajnis u. 9. (Jurisics-vár) -  map
Phone: +36 (94) 361-258


Discounts for children: 300 HUF14 Years and Under

Discounts for pensioners: 300 HUF

Opening hours during the season: H-V:10-17.30h

Opnening hours out of the season: télen: H-V:10-17h

Entrance fee: 400 HUF

Other information:

The Phoenix-house awaits visitors in the nicely renewed Jurisics-castle in the most beautiful town of Hungary, Kőszeg. It houses the most beautiful marchpane exhibition of Hungary, with the Szamos Marchpane Tale Gallery and the wine gallery presenting the 14 Hungarian wine regions. All our visitors including children and adults have been impressed by our exhibition so far. We would like to impress you, too. You are welcome.

Főnix Ház (Jurisics Vár elővára) - Kőszeg (Látnivaló: Galéria)

Főnix Ház (Jurisics Vár elővára) - Hungary - Kőszeg (Sight: Gallery)

Főnix Ház (Jurisics Vár elővára) - Ungarn - Kőszeg (Sehenswürdigkeit: Galerie)

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