In the vicinity of Lake Fertő the new town, with a population of 3,400, was brought about by the unification of the villages Süttör and Eszterháza.

The Esterházy Palace, the "Hungarian Versailles", one of the most beautiful group of Baroque palace edifices in Hungary is visited by several hundreds of thousand tourists every year.

The second half of the 18th century was the golden age of Eszterháza under Prince Miklós Esterházy.
Joseph Haydn served the prince for several years, who was fond of splendour and was also a patron of the arts. The composer is commemorated by a museum in the Palace, while in the Music House (his former living house) a memorial room can be seen. There is also an exhibition of local history in the Music House.

Further parts of the complex include the Riding Hall, the Boarding School, the Grenadiers' House, and the park, reminiscent of the beauties of Versailles, are all unique sights. The neo-Gothic st. Andrew church and the Holy Cross church of Fertőd were built at the end of the last century and in 1986 respectively.

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