Village with 2,240 inhabitants 7 km from Sopron at Lake Fertő. The limestone-quarry offers a quite special sight, like the churches cut in rock in Egypt. Mining operations in the Lajta limestone begun some 2000 years ago, the acoustics of the halls is excellent, cave-theatre preformances are held every summer. Town wall remains form the 16th century and a pillory (the only one in the country standing on its original place) can be seen. The fine Baroque Bishop's Palace was built, on medieval foundations, in the 17-18th centuries, now it is a museum. (At present it is under construction, it cannot be visited.) The tower of the Baroque Roman Catholic church, a listed monument in the village, goes back to medieval origin. In the settlement there is a temporary border station for cyclists and pedestrians. Next to it you can find the Mithras shrine from the 3th century. Via the village you can get to the resort in the Hungarian part of Lake Fertő.

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