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Generárációk Háza

Address: 9021 Győr, Aradi vértanúk útja 23. -  map
P/F: +36 (96) 518-032, +36 (96) 312-120


Opening hours during the season: H:-P: 8-20h, Szo: 9-13h

Other information:

The Children's House in Győr is an institution of public education for children and youth, which organizes leisure time activities for nursery school children, teenagers as well as for adults.
Our programmes are related with ten themes such as fine arts, handcrafts, dance, music, drama, nature and environment protection, foreign languages, social studies and self-knowledge, informatics, journalism.
Our exhibitions and large programmes attract thousands of visitors.
Our institution organizes programmes for schools and companies with experienced, professional staff and infrastructural background.

Generárációk Háza - Győr (Látnivaló: Művelődési ház)

Generárációk Háza - Hungary - Győr (Sight: Cultural Centre)

Generárációk Háza - Ungarn - Győr (Sehenswürdigkeit: Kulturhaus)

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