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The county awaits visitors with several romantic mansions, the churches in the tiny villages and a number of historical relics. The historical wines of the region are famous: viniculture was mentioned in the foundation document of the Abbey of Pannonhalma near Győr. The region is popular with nature lovers; Lake Fertő and Szigetköz are habitats for unique, rare water birds.

In the Roman times the limes protecting Pannónia ran in the county, as well as the legendary Amber Road. The castle of Mosonmagyaróvár was built on the remains of Roman buildings and later was rebuilt in baroque style.

The Tűztorony (Fire Tower) built in Gothic style has become the symbol of Sopron, the 'city of loyalty'. The arcaded Renaissance balcony of the tower overlooks almost the whole town.

The mansions of the county can be seen in their full splendour. The baroque building complex of the Esterházy Palace of Fertőd evokes the historical past. Joseph Haydn lived and worked here, too. The palace is deservedly called the "Hungarian Versailles" as it is decorated with statues, fountains, mirrors from Venice, frescoes and reliefs and is furnished with articles and furniture of the period.

In Nagycenk you can see relics related with Széchenyi all over the town: István Széchenyi spent his youth in the baroque mansion. His career, which made him "The Greatest Hungarian", started here.

The Benedictine Abbey of Pannonhalma is part of the World Heritage. The monumental baroque building complex was built on Romanesque and Gothic remains. It also has neoclassical elements such as the 55m high tower, from the top of which there is a beautiful view of the gentle slopes.

The library of the abbey has 360,000 volumes, the gallery houses a collection of paintings by famous artists such as David Teniers from the Netherlands or Miklós Barabás.

The town, which is situated under the abbey, was originally called Szentmárton. It was Ferenc Kazinczy, who gave the present well-sounding name to the monastery founded by Prince Géza.

The county seat is Győr, which offers busy cultural life including programmes such as the arts festival called Mediawave. A large number of monuments can be found all over the city, as well.

The baroque Püspökvár (Bishop's Castle) built on Romanesque foundation is the oldest building of the city. Its fortification system and the bastions (castle bastion, Sforza bastion, Fehérvár gate) had important military functions. Apart from the baroque houses, the eclectic Town Hall with its high central tower is one of the best-known buildings of the city.

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