Village with 650 inhabitants 16 km northwest of Pécs. Popular resort village in Baranya county. Damming the water of the brook flowing out of the cave of the village in the 1960s, two artificial lakes were constructed at the place of the former retting-pits, providing facility for bathing, boating and angling. Greatest sight of the village is the cave at the side of Bodó hill (at 219 m height). In 1768 miller József Mattenheim searched for the spring of the brook kept moving his mill which was run dry. Passing through a first cave of 38 m used as a wine-cellar by the local parson, he discovered the entrance of the cave. This first cave is known as 'Paplika' (cave of the priest) today, too. Visitors may walk all over a section of 500m of the cave. Fauna of the cave is extremely rich. Species of crayfish, the closest relatives of which live in the caves of France, Spain and the Balcan peninsula had also been found here.

Polgármesteri Hivatal, Abaliget
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