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Village with 3,226 residents. Until 1902 it was united with Sár, since 1950 it has been united with Pálosvörösmart. It was first mentioned in records in 1261 under the name Saar. It is situated in the west of the county, in the East-Mátraalja, 9 km from Gyöngyös. Near the village in Tatármező you can find a geographical curiosity, the territory of the rock-glaciers remained here from the Ice Age. In the west of the village you can find Lake St. Ann, which was formed in a volcanic crater. This is the habitat of the protected fauna and flora of Sárhegy. Its reed-bed and its rare butterflies are famous. Typical sights are the wine cellars built in rock in the Row of cellars, in Bolttető and Kővágó. Apart from viniculture and wine making, people have been dealing with engraftment since the beginning of the 1900s to earn their living. The chapels of St. John and St. Ann were built in 1750. The Baroque Catholic church was first mentioned in records in 1696. In the square in front of the church the statue of Sámuel Aba by sculptor Aran Till can be seen. The village museum called Kapásház was opened in an adobe-house from the 18th century with a collection of ethnography. On the left side of the main road towards Markaz, you can see the monument for those who were not born erected in honour of Pope John Paul II in 1911. The former Baldácsy mansion houses a library and an old people's club today. An old people's home and an integrated social institution for 80 people was opened in June 2004. In May 2002 King Aba Samuel Memorial Cellar was opened, which is famous for the fact that the hole in which Aba Samuel's dead body was hidden, can be found in this monument wine cellar.
Every May the Festival of Soldiers' and Drinking Songs is held. On 20 August a Drug Prevention and Village Day is organized with famous celebrities. An industrial park with full infrastructure is to be built in a highly favourable, easily accessible site, which awaits medium-sized and large businesses with long-term plans.

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