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Village 5 km eastward from Badacsony, at the edge of Balaton Highlands. Örsi hill at the border of the village is covered with basalt, westward the monadnocks of Tapolca hollow can be found. Climate of the village hidden in a deep valley is warmer than its surroundings. Buildings of the village of 550 inhabitants are built on both sides of the valley of brook Burnót. Upon passing of the Turkish rule, establishment of colonies in the deserted country started in the 18th century. Population had been engaged in viniculture, fishing and reed cutting. Chapel St. Iván of 1757 erected on western side of Ábrahámhegy vineyards, at the edge of an abyss. St. László Roman Catholic church inaugurated in 1986 can be visited in the centre of the village. Its altar-piece is painted by Erzsébet Udvardi. The archaistic modern church and the Calvary created from carvings placed on rough wooden columns is a real masterpiece of architecture. Fülöp-Jakab church builtin 1614 surround ed by vineyards at the eastern part of the village, with windows of Roman style at the southern walls of the church. Nice exhibitions at Bernáth Aurél Gallery in each summer. Perhaps the best beach of northern bank of Balaton can be found in Ábrahámhegy for a pleasant quicksand had been created by the drift-sand of brook Burnót. On the first Saturday of each July a sports day is organized on the beach. Ábrahámhegy is part of Badacsony wine-country, the village is proud of its prize-winning wines. Wine Week is organized in the first week of August each year. We can get to Salföld from Ábrahámhegy via the valley of brook Burnót and the Káli hollow can be reached from there. Ideal also for cyclists. Nice view from St. Stephen chapel located on Chapel Hill to Badacsony and the western hollow of Balaton. Red route sign starting from the village center leads to a nice Paulite chapel ruin (the chapel was built in the 12th century).

Polgármesteri Hivatal, Ábrahámhegy
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