Town with 20,000 inhabitants on the river Danube. The northern part of the town belongs to Slovakia. The western part is Koppánmonostor, rich in natural beauties, and Szőny, on the east, famous for its Roman remains. The world famous composer Ferenc Lehár and the writer Mór Jókai were born here. The Komárom fortress became specially famous during the War of Independence of 1848-1849. Major sights of the town include the parts of the system of fortresses: Fortress Monostori, Fortress Csillag and Fortress Igmándi housing the György Klapka Museum. There are also permanent exhibitions of Roman stonework finds and on the history of the Hungarian maritime affairs in the museum. The visitors of the open-air bath of the town can enjoy its medicinal thermal water. The series of the events called Komárom Days are held together with the Slovakian side of the town at the end of April.

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