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Town of county rank with about 54,000 inhabitants on Mezőföld, on the right bank of the Danube. The construction of the complex of metallurgical plants and of the town started in 1950 to increase the steel production of the country. Consequently the most significant groups of buildings of the so called social realism, the style characteristic of the era, can be seen here. The 50 m high stabilized loess bank between the town and the Danube is a hydrogeological and landscape architectural work used as an open-air park of statues of more than 50 large size items coming from the International Steel-sculptors' Studio and submitted to be judged by a panel of experts. A joint statue of two great politicians of the last century, Lajos Kossuth and István Széchenyi, was erected in Dunaújváros (inaugurated in a park in the vicinity of the Town Hall in 1998) which is unique in the country. The Baroque Rác church in the Pentele district (the former village of Dunapentele) is from the 18th century. During the construction work of the new town finds of outstanding significance from the Bronze, Avar and Roman ages were excavated. Exhibitions: Intercisa Museum (archaeological and local history collections), Museum of Stonework Remains (Roman statues and sarcophagi), Roman bath and the Institute of Contemporary Art. Many visitors are attracted to the town by the Hungarian round of the World Championship of Motor-boats (Formula 2000 and Formula 3) held here in the harbour bay. Unique view of the Danube and Alföld from the walkway of the upper bank of Danube, only a few hundred meters from the centre. For the sake of the view and the architectural and cultural values of the city, it is worth making a little detour, leaving the main road. Rich programs are provided for the visitors by the park with steel statues, the Intercisa Museum, the Exhibitions of the Institute of Contemporary Art, the city centre of social-realistic style as well as its modern buildings and high traffic.

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