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The town of Várpalota, which is situated halfway between two county seats, Székesfehérvár and Veszprém, is the historic jewels of Middle-Transdanubia and an important relic of the history of Hungarian industry. The town has a very rich and colourful historical past, several of its monuments are related with King Matthias, the Újlaky family and the battle of the border castles in the Turkish period. The most significant monument is the Újlaky castle, which has deservedly been the symbol of the town since the 14th century. Another remarkable sight is the Zichy mansion built according to the plans by Miklós Ybl, which was later rebuilt in neoclassical style. The building today houses the exhibition of the Trianon foundation, which attracts many visitors with historical relics. Apart from the historical wandering, the town offers several recreation activities to visitors: spectacular and entertaining programmes, pleasant tourist trails, fishing opportunities. The remains of the castle of Pusztapalota, which was King Matthias’ hunting seat according to the legends, can be found near the town. It is accessible by taking a pleasant walk on the Middle-Transdanubian tourist trail marked in red. The fishing lakes offer pleasant recreation for the lovers of fishing and their families. Outstanding events: the Day of Hunting Culture and the Flowers of Bakony Folklore Day (19 May), The Signboard of Our Trade (20 May), Castle-Expo Exhibition and Fair (8-10 June), Summer in the Castle Courtyard (July-August), International Festival of Brass and Reed Bands (4 August), International Folk Dance Festival (17-18 August), the Days of Várpalota (14-16 September).

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