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Ászár of 1,645 inhabitants is situated in the south-western region of county Komárom-Esztergom, right in the neighbourhood of Kisbér known as the centre of Bakonyalja Small Region.

It was first mentioned in records in 1268 and its name probably refers to a short form of the personal name "Azarius". In 1977 it was connected to the large villages of Kisbér and Hánta having the same local council. On 1 January 1986 it was given the rank of town as part of the town of Kisbér. On 1 January 2003 it became a village with an independent local council.

Attractive excursion spots of the neighbourhood include the Saliházi forest and the natural lake and the reeds along the Saliházi ditch. The forests rich in game and the lakes of Ászár, Hánta and Kisbér ideal for fishing, which surround the village, offer pleasant recreation for visitors. Ászár belongs to the historical wine region of Ászár-Bársonyos.

Its sights include the Roman Catholic church built in the style of Louis XVI of France in 1777 according to the plans by Jakab Fellner; Petrus Kulinger tombstone; the Lutheran church; the statue of Mari Jászai (1850-1926), one of the greatest Hungarian actresses and Mari Jászai Memorial House opened in October 1976.

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