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The Balaton karstic country starts from here and goes up to Zánka. Several kinds of bushes in groups and white stones create the unique atmosphere of the country. The area of eastern hollow consisting of larger resorts finished with Balatonfüred; tiny villages with the atmosphere of old times follow each other from here. Aszófő is a village of 350 inhabitants at the entrance of Tihany peninsula.

Since the 11th century it had been the villein village of the Benedictine Abbey of Tihany. In the 16th century it was destroyed twice by the Turkish, it was repopulated only at the beginning of the 18th century. The population had been engaged in viniculture and fruit-farming on the stony ground of the village, they are the main source of earning the living nowadays, too.

Fewer and fewer places can be found around Lake Balaton like Aszófő, where the historic monuments, the works of folk architecture, the Vörösmáli rows of cellars and press-houses, which were mainly built in the 19th century and now are under protection, the beauty spots of the surroundings, the Mediterranean climate, the wonderful view from the hills, the silver surface of the lake glittering everywhere await those who want to relax. The St. László church was built from 1832 to 1834 in classicist style in the centre of the village.

Church ruin of the village Kövesd (built in the 13th century) under the railway station. The protected press-houses of Vörösmál vineyards are nice monuments of folk architecture. Exhibitions of fine arts and handicraft in the community centre; visitors can study the bases of the ancient profession of weaving.

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