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The part which administratively belongs to Badacsonytördemic was mentioned in documents in 1851 as Ládpuszta, it was named after the conquering Lád clan. The beautiful village on the vineyard at the foot of the Badacsony is splitted in two by the 'Római' (Roman) road. On one side the streets running zigzag go down to Lake Balaton on the other side, lined by wine cellars, they creep up to the top of Badacsony hill. The wines made from the grapes grown on the slopes of the hill have gained a reputation to Badacsonylábdihegy. Several high standard private accommodations and a camp site at the lake await tourists. Almost each of the restaurants have terraces with beautiful view. In summer there is a Tourinform point on the beach giving detailed information about the sights and programmes. Outstanding event is the patronal festival in August on Ignatius' day. The neoclassic Roman Catholic chapel is also worth seeing. It is floodlighted by night.

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Badacsonytördemic (Badacsonylábdihegy)

Hungary - Badacsonytördemic (Badacsonylábdihegy)

Ungarn - Badacsonytördemic (Badacsonylábdihegy)

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