...."the town of water and flavours" ... Town with about 40,000 residents of several nationalities 160 km from Budapest on the bank of the Danube and Sugovica with the forests of Gemenc in the vicinity. The cultural centre of the area.
Sights: Renaissance Town Hall, Baroque Franciscan church, Baroque Big Serbian Church with a superb iconostas, a synagogue, Classicist Calvary chapel, late Baroque and early Classicist Saint Peter and Paul church, Trinity square of a Mediterranean atmosphere, the exhibition of fishing of the István Türr Museum, István Nagy Art Gallery, Bunyevác traditional house. The backwaters and the shady riversides are ideal for swimming and angling. A port of passenger ships and a port of yachts await those who arrive on water. You can go on pleasant trips by pleasure boat, small train in the forest, bicycle or boat in the nearby Gemenc, which is the largest catchment area covered by forests, water and meadows and which is the home of several protected plants and animals.
Every year a programme called the 'Merry-making of Baja' - "The celebration of fish soup in the capital city of fish soup" is held in the central square of the town and on Petőfi-island on the second Saturday of July, where the famous fish soup is cooked in 2000 kettles.

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