Town with 27,529 inhabitants near the river Maros.

Native place of Ferenc Erdei, Attila József attanded the secondary school here. Erdei's native house and the Espersit House, accommodating a memorial exhibition of Attila József can be visited.

Ecclesiastical monuments include the inner city Roman Catholic church (Baroque, 1765), the inner city Calvinist old church (Baroque, 1778), the Greek Catholic church (late Baroque, 1778). The secondary school students' hostel is housed in the neo-Classical building of the former seat and chapel of the bishop. The neo-Classical Town Hall was built in 1836 integrating the walls of a building of 1786. Hotel Korona (Eclectic, 1870).
The József Attila Museum has exhibitions of local history and agriculture (onion-production) on display.

The mud of river Maros in the outskirts of the town has a curative effect. The pools of the Medicinal bath are supplied with 42 degree C water.

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