Gyula with its busy tourism is one of the most popular resort towns of Hungary, the centre of tourism in county Békés. The town is ideal for relaxation due to its pleasant climate, shady parks and peace.

It is one of the most important cultural centres of the south of the Great Plain, as it is rich in monuments and the relics of the historical past.
The main attraction of the town is the Castle Bath established in the 8,5 ha primeval park - a nature conservation area - of the former Almásy mansion. In 1985 it was classified as a medicinal bath and with its 19 pools it was awarded the classification of a four-star - the highest category - open-air and medicinal bath by the Hungarian Association of Baths. It has been developed continuously and it offers new, indoor pleasure pools, new medical treatments, a children´s water paradise, a wellness centre, a bubble bath, a wave bath to visitors.

Next to the Bath you can find the other main attraction of Gyula from the 15th century, the only intact Gothic brick castle of Central and Eastern Europe built in a flat area. The castle museum is open to the public again. Downstairs you can find the castle prison, a larder, a baking house, a blacksmith´s workshop, a pottery workshop, which is also a museum pedagogical room, a wine bar and a chapel.
Upstairs visitors can see the rooms belonging to the lord, lady, and the commander of the castle, as well as the office room, the reception room of the sanjak bey, an armoury, the halberdier´s room and the knights´ room.

One of the most frequently visited attractions of Gyula is a one-storey town house built in empire style on the corner of Erkel square, which houses the second oldest confectioner´s of Hungary, the famous Százéves cukrászda (One hundred-year old confectioner´s), which has been run since 1840.

In the neighbouring Ladics house you can see an exhibition presenting the lifestyle of the high society living in the 19th and 20th centuries. Other sights of the town include the Greek Orthodox church with a unique, beautiful iconostas in the county, an exhibition based on the inheritage of painter György Kohán, a winner of Kossuth prize, as well as the beautiful churches and monuments of the town.

Ferenc Erkel, one of the greatest Hungarian composers, the founder of Hungarian opera, the composer of our national anthem was born in Gyula. His house of birth is a museum today.

In the bath city hotels, pensions, camping sites and private accommodation await visitors. The hotels are excellent for the participants of conferences and programmes. The "Ask me" Information and Help Animator service aims to improve the tourism services of the town. Its young workers give information and recommend programmes for active relaxation to the visitors and their children by providing a mobile playhouse and a tourist bus. Apart from bathing, excursions and entertainment, the town also offers gastronomic specialities. Visitors can taste and buy not only the world-famous sausages of Gyula, but other prize-winning products of the Meat processing factory of Gyula.

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