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Village of 1,142 inhabitants at the foot of Keszthelyi mountains bordering Tapolcai hollow from the west. The village was first mentioned in records in 1214. At the time of the Turkish wars the village was pillaged sometimes by the Turkish, sometimes by the soldiers of the Szigliget Castle. Balatonederics was burnt down by the Turkish in 1572. Colonists dealt with viniculture and fruit-farming. Roman Catholic church of the village was built in eclectic style on a hill, probably upon bases from the Middle ages, in 1895. Nice folk-style press-houses on the hills planted with vines. Several cellars of the village have joined the regional wine route association. Leaving the village towards Balatongyörök, we get to the famous Africa Museum which is by all means worth seeing. Valuable Africa collection in the internal rooms, outside masai huts, living African animals and camel-riding are provided to the visitors. The most spectacular programme of the Summer of Ederics is the 'Bay Party' and cross-bay swimming competition lasting for 3 days organized in 3 places by Balatonederics, Szigliget and Balatongyörök. The season opening ceremony is organized on the renewed beach on the first Saturday of June. The Vintage Days, 'From Lesencék to Balaton', are organized at the beginning of September. It is a common, spectacular vintage festival of the settlements of Lesence region. A significant event of wine tourism is the new wine initiation on Márton's day. Balatonederics is the ideal starting point for tourists going to Keszthelyi mountains. One of the largest dripstone caves of Dunántúl was discovered here recently (Csodabogyós cave). The bicycle road has been opened and can be used to the direction of Szigliget as well as to Balatongyörök. The 8 km long Study Path Pele Apó (Old dormouse) presenting the fauna and flora was established between Balatonederics and Balatongyörök in the Keszthelyi hills and it awaits nature lovers with 36 displays.

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