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The smallest village of the shore (of 150 inhabitants), its oldest street goes up on Tepécs hill. After Árpád's conquest of Hungary Balatonrendes became the domain of accommodation of the prince's tribe. People dealt with animal-keeping, fishing and reed cutting in the village. At Whitsuntide of 1538 the village was burned down by the Turkish, the country got depopulated. After driving out the Turkish, the village was repopulated with liberated captives, poor people coming from foreign lands. From that time the Esterházy family of Szigliget became the largest holder there. The phylloxera epidemic occured one hundred years ago destroyed the vineyards of Balatonrendes, too. The village started to develop in the 1960s, through the prosperity of tourism. Greatest sight of the village is the roustic bell cage standing at the beginning of Fő street (built in 1800) with the crucifix carved from red sandstone. At the end of the street, on top of the village the sim ple roman catholic church with its coffered ceiling, handed over in 1763, built in baroque style, can be found. In summer exhibitions of famous fine artists are organized in the banqueting hall of the parish hall. The "Wine Week-End" and the Day of the Village is organized at the last week-end of June, together with the saints' day of Péter and Pál.

Polgármesteri Hivatal, Balatonrendes
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