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Village of 350 inhabitants 10 km from Balatonfüred, in the neighbourhood of Tihany peninsula. In the Middle Ages the village belonged to the Benedictine Abbey of Tihany, the chapter of Veszprém and the bishop of Veszprém. Inhabitants dealt with fishing, reed cutting, animal-breeding and viniculture.

Tourism of Balatonudvari started to develop in the 1920s when a beach was constructed by the local bathing association. At the western border of the village a resort place was established by the Christian Youth Association in 1930 (St. Antal Resort), currently it is called Fövenyes. Major sight of the village is the cemetery where 63 heart-shaped grave-stones can be found. The majority of them was made by unknown country masters in the years between 1800 and 1850. There are grave-stones of the same shape at other places in Balaton highlands, too, however such a great number of them built at the same place can be found only in Balatonudvari.

Roman Catholic church of the 13th century in the neighbourhood of the cemetery. Calvinist church of late baroque style built in the last decade of the 18th century opposite the Catholic church, on the other side of the long-distance road. Site of a typical Hungarian village of old-time atmoshpere on the street going down to the shore. The exhibition of local history and ethnography and the Udvari Gallery can be found in the cultural centre. They are open all year round.

The happy feast opening the summer season is held at the last weekend of June with a brass brand, a majorette group, a cooking competition, classical concerts and a street ball in the evening. Chamber and solo concerts of famous artists in the Catholic church of Fövenyes at the weekends. Competitions for children at the pond of the beach for small children in several days of the week. Inhabitants and visitors of the village say farewell to the summer on St. Stephen's Day with a blaze, dance and music.

Two beaches in the village, two ports and a garden movie in Fövenyes and several wine-shops and village inns of great atmosphere in the vineyards. Narrow asphalted road from the long-distance road No. 71 to the heart of Balaton highlands, the Vászoly hollow. It is also suitable for the purpose of starting a cycling tour from here. The road goes between hundred-year-old, giant trees and an ancient protected beech-wood. Juniper grove, Austrian oak and oak-forest, vineyards along the road, and looking back there is a wide panorama of Balaton and Tihany.

Important investment in Balatonudvari is the 18-holed golf course which is suitable for organizing international competitions. A golf course for practising is to be opened this year.

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