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Village of 1,293 inhabitants lying 5 kilometres long at the south-eastern shore of Balaton. Motorway M7 ends at the boundary of the village; summer cottages of the resort place at the lake-shore, and houses of the village up on the hill. The young settlement was established by uniting two resorts, Aliga and Világos. The shore of Aliga was a favourite place of rest of the highest leaders of the country till the systemic change in Hungary. Since then Club Aliga has been a popular resort of the village, where the first five-star hotel of Lake Balaton will be built. Nice view from Panorama look-out tower at the edge of the highshore to the eastern hollow of the Lake. Géza Mészöly and István Csók painters drew inspiration from here to their Balaton pictures. Géza Mészöly has a memorial statue on the promenade named after him. The 12 m high Millennium monument was made by the sculptor Gábor Mihály. Summer season in Világos is opened with a Village Day in the middle of the summer. Various programmes for tourists on the open-air stage on Saturdays in summer. Swimming-pool, tennis-courts, port and cinema are available for the visitors in the village. Ship to Siófok through Balatonalmádi in high season.

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