Village with 659 inhabitants 10 km west of Veszprém, along road 8. Major part of the inhabitants are of German nationality, their ancestors settled in the valley of brook Séd in 1764. The most significant sight of the village is the 'Essegvár', a fortress imposing even in such a ruined state, built on the hilltop above the brook. The fortress first mentioned in records in 1309 saved the road to Veszprém. It was depopulated probably in the middle of 1500s, as a result of a Turkish attack, and it has been a ruin since then. The part of the fortress remained in the best condition is the watch-tower; its reconstruction is planned. The Roman Catholic church in the centre of the village was built in the 18th century, and it was renovated in neo-Classic style after a fire in 1884. Miklós Pál hill in the vicinity with one of the most significant yew woods of Europe, is easy to access from the village. The woods of 213 ha has been a nature conservation area since 1892.

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