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Báta is the southernmost settlement of Sárköz, 170 km south of Budapest, in county Tolna, next to the Danube-Dráva National Park. It is accessible on road No. 56. St. László founded a Benedictine Abbey on Klastrom-hill, this place of pilgrimage famous for its Holy Blood balcony was visited by several kings of ours. It was a popular residence of the Hunyadi family. The town still preserves the rich folk art traditions of Sárköz such as writing on eggs with a wax technique, weaving and lace making. The local folk dance group has already had successful performances in several countries of the world making the dances and folk songs of Sárköz popular. Sights include: the Regional Museum presenting the richest collection of local history and ethnography in Sárköz; the Gallery of painter János Czencz, the Holy Blood Church; St. Michael Church, the Statue of St. John of Nepomuk (a monument); a sight which is unique in Europe is the pumping station driven by a charcoal gas generated combustion engine built in 1897 (originally driven by a steam engine). This station, which was responsible for the inland drainage of the whole Sárköz, can still be operated.

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